the unSCruz Creativity Grant Mission

The mission of the unSCruz Creativity Grant Program is to support performance and visual art projects created for or presented at unSCruz, to help artists realize their unique creative vision, and to promote projects that are participatory and/or interactive in nature or foster a sense of community.

Creativity Grant Application Guidelines

  • Proposed projects should align with the program’s stated mission.
  • Individual artists, new collaborations, and established groups are all invited to apply.
  • We will cover up to 80% of projects under $2000 and up to 50% of projects over $2000. Please submit a basic but detailed (no more than one page) project budget with the following considerations:
    • Eligible expenses include materials and supplies, equipment rental, limited contract work, delivery to/from unSCruz, unSCruz tickets for artist/crew, and other costs directly related to the project; Ineligible expenses include artist fees, living expenses, child care, or other personal overhead costs.
    • We encourage artists to seek multiple resources. Please indicate any other funding or support you are seeking (or have obtained) for this project, including in-kind donations and your own cash contributions.
  • The first round of grant rewards will be in mid January, second round will be rewarded early March, and the third and final round early April.

Grantee Requirements

(if your application is approved)

  1. No funds will be released until you have applied for placement.
  2. You must maintain an open line of communication with unSCruz planning teams, via phone, text, email, social media, carrier pigeon, or other reliable method(s).
  3. We’ll be asking for progress reports. Depending on where you are and how you work, this could be in the form of videos, phone calls, emails with photos, studio visits, etc.
  4. You must submit a safety plan before being allowed to install/perform your project at unSCruz. This should include a flame effect plan if your project includes fire, weather/wind/climber stability for structures, lighting provisions for nighttime, and/or whatever precautions apply to your project’s physical presence in the community space.
  5. Artists/projects must arrive to the event on time (as agreed). If you experience delays in production or delivery, please let us know as soon as possible.
  6. After the event, you must submit a brief Afterglow report. We want your feedback about unSCruz, about bringing artwork there, the grant process, what was perfect and what sucked. We will reserve 10% of total grant amount until after the event, to be paid once we receive a report.

Important Dates
1st round of grants given early February
2nd round of grants rewarded early March
3rd, and final, round ended on March 25th

All artist after burn report due 2 weeks after event.
All final grant payments released 3 weeks after event.

Have questions? Email unSCruz Art Leads at

All set?
Be sure to include unSCruz tickets for your cast & crew in your grant request if you need these expenses covered.