Welcome to the unSCruz website

Join us as we bring the spirit of Burning Man to Santa Cruz County through radical self expression and radical inclusion. Get ready for three fun-filled DAYS of art, performance, music, costuming, DJs, mutant vehicles and more!

To participate as a volunteer, performer, camp, etc., check out the forms under the “Participation” bar above. DEADLINES: April 15th for placement, and April 24th for performers. For all ticket information click on the “Tickets” bar above.

This event is driven by what YOU bring to it (volunteering, performing, theme camps, etc.).  UnSCruz is an official Burning Man Regional Event.  This essentially means, we are endorsed by them, we receive NO money from them, we are NON-commercial in every way (we abide by the 10 principles), and ticket sales are the ONLY way to generate the money needed to pay the bills.  Everyone is a volunteer; no one is paid a penny.

It has also been important to us to keep our prices extremely reasonable, so a diverse population can afford to attend.  Consequently, the event barely sustains itself, on a very SMALL budget.  Therefore, participating at UnSCruz does not automatically equate to getting a free ticket.  Had we given free tickets to every performer, artist, theme camp & volunteer, UnSCruz would NOT exist.  Trust me, we’d love to do this, and there are so many deserving folks who bring so much to UnSCruz, but pragmatically that is impossible.

So we hope that those of you, who can afford to support us through purchasing a ticket, will do so.  We don’t want to seem ungrateful; we merely must cover the costs of throwing this event.  We strive to make it a meaningful, fun experience.  We are very hopeful that 2015 will be a breakthrough year for us, where we finally make enough money to be able to give out art grants, be more generous with our numerous volunteers, and make the event both sustainable and even more awesome.


  • Read this: UnSCruz FAQs
  • Bring everything you need into the event! There will be shuttles to help with haulin’ your stuff
  • Respect your neighbors, respect the staff, respect the Fairgrounds
  • LEAVE NO TRACE! You are part of the Leave No Trace team. Pack out whatever you brought in. Please pick up any trash, paper, feathery bits
  • Perform random acts of art, kindness and giving
  • NO renegade sound, firearms, fireworks, or unapproved fire performance or fire art
  • No Pets, except for service dogs. The fairgrounds requires all dogs to be on a leash.
  • Volunteer! This is a volunteer-driven event! Look under the “Participation” link to explore the many ways to volunteer
  • This is a PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT Event! Bring enough of your own food and water to survive for three days in a not-so-harsh coastal environment
  • Lasers: At Burning Man 2014, a Ranger was blinded in one eye and partially blinded in the other by a handheld laser used in an irresponsible manner. For this reason we ask that handheld lasers not be used in any capacity at this year’s UnSCruz regional event.

This site is currently under construction. Check back periodically for the latest updated information about the 5th annual UnSCruz.