Who puts on unSCruz? You do!

Volunteer! Closed

PARTICIPATE at unSCruz 2017

TO PARTICIPATE, fill out and submit the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION. We will review your application, contact you with further details and do our best to line up your desires with the specific needs of unSCruz

Want to participate before the event?

Departments include:

  • Decor: Decor team helps add to the aesthetic ambiance of the event – creating and placing lighting and decorative elements both indoors and out to enhance the unSCruz experience! Ignite your creative side and help us deck out the event grounds!
  • DPW: DPW are the movers and shakers of unScruz; we move things around so you can shake your booty in the various dance spaces.
  • Load-In Team: Do you have a passion for helping with moving stuff off trucks? Helping people unpack? Showing up early to events? Do you fix broken lights in your house with gaffer’s tape? In a past life, were you a member of a moving company? Then Load-In team is for you.
  • Parking: Being a Parking Volunteer is a great way to greet your friends new and old at unSCruz. You get to be a greeter and share their excitement. They will need to know where to park, and you will know where to point them so they can get inside asap. Thanks!
  • Shuttle: Shuttle crew takes over once the parking crew gets them parked. We pick up the attendees and their camping gear and drive them in to the fairgrounds to find a place to camp. Shuttle crew is important as we are the ambassadors for unscruz during the short journey in.
  • Greeters:
  • Playa Info:
  • Center Camp:
  • Kitchen/Hospitality: Hospitality is where vital culinary sustenance is created for the hardworking unSCruz staff. If you enjoy working with food, washing dishes, delivering hot meals, and being with fellow foodies, this is the place for you. Food preparation/service skills are welcomed but not required.
  • Sound Control:
  • Leave No Trace (Earth Guardians): We are looking to leave it better than we found it. Like recycling? Does moop offend you? Then mayhaps Leave No Trace is the department for YOU! Come and staff our table and educate the community in ways of leaving no trace.
  • Strike Team: 
  • Wild Card: Undecided? Pick the Wild Card option, and we will find the right department for you!

Camp/Art Placement Closed April 1, 2017

We’re excited to see what you’re bringing and help you find the perfect spot for your camp or art for unSCruz 2017! Please review the following information and then fill out the Placement Request:

  • Footprint: This should include all tents, RVs, art cars, and chill space that you’re planning on bringing
  • Power: There’s power throughout the entire fairgrounds, do bring extension cords and share with your neighbors
  • Sound: The fairgrounds sound policy is quite restrictive. Please help us keep this great venue and keep sound to a minimum after 7 pm. Renegade sound could jeopardize the entire event
  • Vehicle passes: In an effort to maximize space for FUN all personal vehicles must be parked in the parking lot. We will no longer be allowing camping in RVs in the parking lot. All RVs must be inside the event and purchase an RV/Camper Pass. Keep in mind in and out privileges are for sentient beings only; once your vehicle is in, it’s in until you leave
  • Frontage: All camps will be placed along a “street” just like at Burning Man. Remember those streets will be used by pedestrians and art cars so it’s important to keep them clear of obstacles

Performers: Non-Fire (Closes April 21)

Non-Fire includes musicians, DJs, bands, dancers, performers who want to PLAY on the main stage. three days to gift everyone with your talents. Be in the swim of artists, fill out the non-fire performer form and hit submit. A limited number of slots are available; get your request in sooner than later.

Do you have audio technician skills? Or experience with sound or stages? Fill out the non-fire performer form and include a response to “Do you have audio…” section.

PS: Fire performer submissions are CLOSED.

Leadership Survey

unSCruz would not be a reality without the constant community support fostered and embraced by our production and operations crew. Planning is already underway. There are many opportunities available as our event continues to grow and flourish. If you would like to become an unSCruz leader, please fill out the leadership survey.