Will there be alcohol sold at the event?

Nothing can be bought or sold at the event.

Bar camps are a great part of Burning Man. It’s just another nice way to gift people, not especially different than giving out food. It is therefore very unfortunate that this one thing (alcohol) is such a sticking point with the Fairgrounds. They will not budge on their rule, “no outside alcohol.” A marginal alternative would be if they had a bar, where people could purchase a drink. This they have, but Burning Man Org will not budge on their principle, “no buying or selling.” Accordingly, the Santa Cruz Regional is in a very awkward, and frustrating position. Please visit our unSCruz Facebook event page, and see the discussion about how things went last year.

Alcohol will be available, however, off-spring under 21 will not be allowed to enter the beverage area. That is Fairground stipulation.